• Q: I can't see any items in the store A: This means we're sold out, I restock the first Thursday of every month at 8pm. Check instagram for restock updates the next date will be in the bio
  • Q: What time zone are you in? A: I am based in the UK so we are GMT and BST depending on daylight savings - time zone converter
  • Q: How do I order? A: You can only order through the website when I restock - each knit is one of a kind and is listed as it's own product on the store. you choose the knit you like and add your name in the personalisation box along with embroidery colour etc. From there I hand embroider and post to you!
  • Q: What are the prices? A: Knits start from £30-50 depending on size etc Adult knits start from £60 all including embroidery
  • Q: Can I buy an item even if I don't know the name of the baby yet? A: Yes! Let me know when you can but the item will be saved for you - please put something like "N/A" in the personalisation box
  • Q: I had something in my cart as it disappeared/sold out A: the site does not save baskets! If you like something I really recommend buying it quickly. If it sells out sadly it just was a popular item and someone piped you to the post but never fear there will always be new items in a month!
  • Q: You havn't answered my DM on Instagram! A: My DMs can get a little swamped - please email me if you have a question about your order or something that isn't answered here! I'm always up for a chat or dog meme exchange when I can though.
  • Q: How many letters can fit? A: I recommend only up to 9 letters on sizes 0-3 years. Larger sizes can accommodate more
  • Q: What sizes do you go up to? I normally have a great range of 0-3 years as standard. Sometimes I get larger sizes in. I always do a preview 24 hr before a sale on the store
  • Q: The details i put on my order are wrong how can I change A: If you have any amendments to an order please reply via your confirmation email only. Please do not DM me, it will get lost!
  • Q: Can I buy the exact same cardigan as one I've seen on Instagram? A: Most knits are one of a kind!
  • Q: Is there a standard style of embroidery or can I choose? A: As standard your chosen name will be embroidered on the back in my handwriting style, in the center, around the shoulder blades. If you purchased initials these will be on the front, on the right side breast (2 letters only!) You have a choice of embroidery colour on the product but some choose for me to pick whats best with the cardigan. If you purchase a hooded knit the name will be placed where it is visible when the hood is down, usually nearer the bottom
  • Q: Can I have two names on a cardigan? A: Yes, it is £6 extra but please note when collective names over 7 characters occur your second name will be on the second line
  • Q: Is every name to order, I don't see the name I need. A: Every item is done to order - handwritten and hand embroidered by me. Every photo you see are customer orders - I don't decide the names!
  • Q: Whats the sizing like? A: Check the size guide below
  • Q: Do you knit them all? A: No - I wish I could knit that fast and well! I have a few master knitter ladies that knit for me
  • Q: Can you embroider a knit I already have? A: YES, this is our send in service. New slots go live on restock days here and anything knitted can be sent in.. Blankets, cardis, jumpers etc!
  • Q: How do you recommend washing the knits? A: on a low 30 degree and short cycle !!never tumble dry!!
  • Q: Do you do adult knits? A: No but you can send in your adult knits here
  • Q: How long does it take once ordered? A: 1- 4 weeks to ship
  • Q: Do you ship worldwide? A: YES with royal mail
  • Q: Will I get charged taxes upon receiving my order? We are based in the UK so if you live in a country where tax is payable upon delivery for baby clothing then yes you will be responsible for paying the relevant duty on the item and it is not included in the final price


If you have any other burnin' questions that aren't answered here feel free to contact me here: hello@thelittlewornestore.com


★★★★★ - Absolutely beautiful cardigan. My daughter has had so many comments on it when she’s worn it! Brilliant customer service and speedy delivery too

★★★★★ - Just the most stunning cardigan, beautifully embroidered. I’m so impressed with the customer service as well. I was desperate for it to be delivered ahead of the estimated dispatch date, and was so happy when it arrived extremely early! I will definitely be recommending this wonderful business to all my friends

★★★★★ - Had been trying for weeks to get one for my little girl & can honestly say it was worth the wait (and frustration!) absolutely OBSESSED with it, even down to the packaging and little note inside. Really want a wardrobe full of these beautiful cardigans

★★★★★ - Absolutely beautiful cardigan and delightful embroidery on the back. A must have heirloom for any baby! I bought mine for my daughter to grow in to and it's perfect. I was so chuffed to get one as I know how popular these are! Keep going with the wonderful work!

★★★★★ - I cannot recommend this lovely lady enough! Feel so lucky to have one of these special jumpers for my son, something I will keep and treasure forever!

★★★★★ - Love this cardigan I purchased for my niece’s Christmas present. The lettering is amazing!


★★★★★ - Such a lovely item, my favourite thing I’ve purchased for my baby girl. Thank you so much I cannot wait to order again.


★★★★★ - Gorgeous personalised jumper for my little one. The pictures don't do it justice! Beautifully handmade cardi that I know no one else will have! The hand embroidery is really lovely and the colour makes the name really stand out :) It's just beautiful and looks fab on my little one! Also comes packaged in a really lovely canvas bag. I can't wait to order many more! :) Such a great business idea


★★★★★ - Obsessed with Little Worne Store. The sweaters and concept are great. Arrived super quickly, and the quality was superb. I have since ordered another, and will be ordering at least another 2 in the future

I have the BEST customers, there have been over 800 of you on Etsy so heres a link to check out the lovely reviews