★★★★★ - Absolutely beautiful cardigan. My daughter has had so many comments on it when she’s worn it! Brilliant customer service and speedy delivery too

★★★★★ - Just the most stunning cardigan, beautifully embroidered. I’m so impressed with the customer service as well. I was desperate for it to be delivered ahead of the estimated dispatch date, and was so happy when it arrived extremely early! I will definitely be recommending this wonderful business to all my friends

★★★★★ - Had been trying for weeks to get one for my little girl & can honestly say it was worth the wait (and frustration!) absolutely OBSESSED with it, even down to the packaging and little note inside. Really want a wardrobe full of these beautiful cardigans

★★★★★ - Absolutely beautiful cardigan and delightful embroidery on the back. A must have heirloom for any baby! I bought mine for my daughter to grow in to and it's perfect. I was so chuffed to get one as I know how popular these are! Keep going with the wonderful work!

★★★★★ - I cannot recommend this lovely lady enough! Feel so lucky to have one of these special jumpers for my son, something I will keep and treasure forever!

★★★★★ - Love this cardigan I purchased for my niece’s Christmas present. The lettering is amazing!

★★★★★ - Such a lovely item, my favourite thing I’ve purchased for my baby girl. Thank you so much I cannot wait to order again.

★★★★★ - Gorgeous personalised jumper for my little one. The pictures don't do it justice! Beautifully handmade cardi that I know no one else will have! The hand embroidery is really lovely and the colour makes the name really stand out :) It's just beautiful and looks fab on my little one! Also comes packaged in a really lovely canvas bag. I can't wait to order many more! :) Such a great business idea

★★★★★ - Obsessed with Little Worne Store. The sweaters and concept are great. Arrived super quickly, and the quality was superb. I have since ordered another, and will be ordering at least another 2 in the future

I have the BEST customers, there have been over 800 of you on Etsy so heres a link to check out the lovely reviews